Deciding to seek treatment takes courage and strength. I feel honored to work with people at a time in their lives when they are reaching out to ask for help.

Clients often come to me to address feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress related to difficult life events. Perhaps you are having trouble in your relationship or recently experienced a painful loss. You may be going through a major transition such as having a baby, recovering from divorce, starting or ending a career, or coping with a medical condition. I have helped many people going through these kinds of experiences. I have experience working with trauma, addictions, sexual orientation and gender identity issues, mood disorders, and insomnia.

I also work with adolescents around a range of issues, including depression, anxiety, mood instability, school related issues, family conflict, peer problems, self esteem, body image, and substance abuse.

I believe that we all have the ability to grow and experience relief from emotional distress. I seek to foster the resilient parts of you and to support you in your journey to healing. I promote self-acceptance and empowerment and strive to help you feel more connected to yourself and others.

Together we will explore your strengths and challenges and come up with a plan to address your concerns. I am enthusiastic about helping my clients to achieve their goals.

To your resiliency,